• Testimonials

  • As a self confessed computer illiterate (who knows nothing about computers except getting on to facebook), i can honestly say i think i would be in a asylum by now if it were not for amrik. My computer decided it hated me recently over a weekend, would not let me start it up, after two days of screaming, shouting, the children went to friends, the husband retreated to his shed, my husband messaged Amrik with a plea of mercy. Amrik arrived and fixed it in about 10 seconds !!!!! Seriously cannot recommend him highly enough for any computer problems, he can literally fix problems in minutes and i do and will continue to recommend him to my friends. thank you Amrik x

    Gale Copp

  • Very quick service and easy to deal with by email. Picked up and returned my laptop for me and all for the same price as other quotes i had which didn’t deliver.

    Constance C. Bennett

  • Speedy and effective service that collects and delivers straight to your door. Very useful for the working man! Much cheaper than buying a new laptop!

    Thomas Blais

  • Great, quick service. Picked up and returned my laptop the next day, keeping me informed about what the problem was and how it would be fixed.

    Andrew Vasquez

  • The service was excellent and extremely good value for money. I thought that my laptop was pretty much beyond repair, but it came back better than ever. (Plus cleaner than it was when I got it!) Everyone I spoke to or emailed during the short time it was being repaired were helpful and professional. I would definitely use this service again, or recommend it to others. Thanks very much.

    Tim Oakland

  • I had a great experience with Computer Repair that the service was fast, effective and professional. only one thing. being a luddite i would have liked a little more explanation of what was wrong with my computer. apart from that it was great!

    Donna Rager

  • Great update of my laptop done,really quickly as well which was great.Thanks Amrik

    Susan Edgerton

  • Amazing, reliable, knowledgeable, helpful, excellent customer service!

    Emma Velasquez

  • Awesome! When ever I get computer issues I ring Amrik! He remotely logs onto my computer and sorts out all my issues

    Olli White

  • When ever I have I.T problems Amrik is always the first person I turn to...and he's always the last person I need to turn to as he always sorts the problem....Enough said!

    Karen Cook

  • Amrik has always being a great help whenever I've had an IT problem...not only that, he's also a realy nice chap...if you've got a problem...call Amrik......

    Alan Bartlett

  • Computer Ninja-Wizard Alert!! I have a laptop I was ready to hurl out the window and dash to bits! Amrik managed to find and fix the bugs in minutes. The manner in which he fixed the beast was truly masterful, and I cannot thank him enough, nor reccomend him highly enough. As a write and training & deveopment materials designer, I can't work without a functioning PC. Thank you, Amrik. You saved my hide.

    David Crouch USA